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cofield inc family-centered aba therapy


CoField Inc. provides family-centered ABA therapy (applied behaviour analysis) to help children with autism reach their fullest potential.

1:1 ABA Therapy

ABA consists of direct teaching, natural environment teaching, and life skills development. Hours can vary between 6-30 per week. Each child’s programming is designed based on their unique strengths.

Family Coaching

A service provided to parents and family members looking for increased support at home for themselves and their child. Family Coaching helps create a bridge between therapy and home life and teaches parents how to use formal ABA strategies within their day-to-day routines.

Respite Care

Respite care gives parents and caregivers an opportunity to take time for themselves. Our respite worker can support children in doing fun and engaging activities in both the home and the community.

Social Groups

Preschool social groups are a great opportunity for children aged 3-5 to practice social and play skills with peers in a fun and therapeutically supported environment.

Services We Offer


Meet Lyndsay & Alison

CoField Inc. was co-founded by Lyndsay Collard and Alison Ditchfield in 2013.

Having worked together as Instructor therapists, Lyndsay and Alison pursued advanced education to become Senior therapists, and decided to collaborate to fill the need for a comprehensive service provider in the St. Thomas and London area.

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We are here for you

We strive to build meaningful connections with families and help to empower caregivers to feel more confident in using ABA strategies.

Our goal for every child is to build communication skills, develop independence, and help children learn to connect with the world around them. We believe in collaboration with community partners and other professionals in building a strong team to support children and families.

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