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Family Coaching

What is Involved

Family Coaching is a service provided to parents and family members looking for increased support at home for themselves and their child. Family Coaching helps create a bridge between therapy and home life and teaches parents how to use formal ABA strategies within their day-to-day routines.

Family Coaching may be especially useful for children receiving therapy in daycare settings, as it allows families to keep up to date on goals and the progress of therapy.

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What’s Included

A Family Coach can help create strategies, visual supports, and assist in problem-solving home-specific issues (e.g., bedtime routines, mealtimes). This service can also be used for basic training on ABA principles, understanding Autism, and providing positive parenting support.

The best part? This service is parent-directed. Parents can choose to have their Family Coach check in on a fixed schedule, or can simply reach out as needed. The goal and level of support is decided by parents alongside the Parent Coach and when appropriate, the goals are integrated into formal therapy time to ensure a cohesive teaching approach.

$60/hour for direct family coaching sessions (in person or virtual) and the creation of additional resources if needed.

How It Works

Click below to fill out a short intake form.

We’ll be in touch within 2-3 business days to chat about your family’s needs and whether our services are the right fit!

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